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November 7, 2017
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November 7, 2017

Metric Title  offers a full array of Title Search and closing services, including commercial, residential and industrial transactions. When you are in need of title services or have questions about the transfer of property, we want to be your first choice. We do work for different clients in USA for all States and Counties. For bankruptcy search, we do work both Onsite (Local Abstracting Process) and online Document retrieval which will take 2-3 business day for Onsite Document retrieval and 1-2 days for Online Document retrieval. We Do work 24/7.

To check if there is any Bankruptcy filed against the borrower by using the PACER site and upload the search docs in the file.
We provide bankruptcy litigation support services for debtors or creditors. We perform due diligence related to the viability of reorganization plans and the veracity of information and assumptions that support management’s projections.
We facilitate strategic planning sessions to challenge the strategic direction and “at the margin” decisions with consideration for competitive market forces. We assist in the development of projection models that allow for sensitivity testing of performance assumptions and the servicing of planned reorganization debt levels.


A situation that arises fairly often in title searches occurs when an Abstract of Judgment has recorded and the seller has subsequently filed for relief under the bankruptcy laws. The discharge of the seller’s bankruptcy does NOT eliminate the lien of the recorded judgment! Once the judgment has been recorded, it becomes a “perfected lien” and can only be removed by an “Avoidance of Lien Order” from the bankruptcy court.

A bankruptcy discharge may have relieved the debtor of personal liability, but it does not eliminate the lien. In other words, the creditor may not be able to attach the wages or property of the debtor but he still has a lien against the property which can be enforced against a third party… such as a buyer of that property.

A title company will not insure over that lien for this reason and will require either the proper court order or the payment of the lien.